Natural skin care products

Proper balanced diet affects skin in a natural way as fibre rich foods increase the blood circulation level in body. Now a days many people have shifted towards natural skin care products. Taking care of skin using natural herbs and roots or by any other ingredients that are formed by nature means natural skin care. People have different skin type so there skin care also differs. Weather and environment also affect skin a lot. Natural skin care products are made using natural oils, herbs and roots. Natural products make skin look healthy and fresh. One should avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures and protect his skin from sun, wind and pollution.

Various ways of Cleansing skin naturally

1. From several ages gram flour, turmeric powder, whole milk and rose water has been extensively used as a facial cleanser. This cleanser contains natural skin lightening properties and help in lightening tan and dark patches. If skin is dry then after wash moisturise face with a good moisturiser.

2. Papaya fruit is a rich source of nutrients. Massage face gently with paste made with papaya pulp, honey and rose water and apply it as a face mask for 15 minutes.

3. Milk is a natural skin cleanser. To a 3-4 tablespoon milk add a pinch of salt in it. With the help of cotton ball apply it on whole face and after 2 minutes rinse the face. This removes the dead cells and make face refresh.

4. Cucumber and curd paste. Apply it on face and wash after 5 minutes. It makes the skin soft and glowing.

5. Honey is a natural face cleanser. Take 2 tablespoon of oatmeal and add 1 tablespoon honey to it and apply on face. After 5 minutes wash it. It leaves the skin fresh and soft.

6. Floral waters are traditionally used in Ayurveda for toning the skin. Choose a floral water made from a distillation as this extraction method retains the properties of the plant.
Skin care varies from skin type and seasons. All the above methods may or may not suit everyone. It is a case of trial and error to find the right method that really suits you. These skin cleansing methods controls excess oil, leaves the skin fresh, softens it and also fights pimples too.

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