Lemon health benefits

Lemon or lime juice
Regular lime juice intake is very beneficial for skin. Efficacy of vitamin C in fruit is able to rejuvenate the skin and when used externally to cleanse the skin of dead cells in the body. Lime juice has many benefits in health some of them are following-

Fibers in the lime juice can also help relieve constipation. Because of its acid content high enough to add a little salt can facilitate digestion. That is the reason why many drugs that contain lime extraction juice constipation.
Benefits of vitamin C is an antioxidant that can protect your eyes from aging and degeneration. Besides the flavonoid can also help protect eyes of infection.
Balanced Diet
Presence of citric acid in lemon juice is an excellent fat burner. Just by drinking two glasses a day and you will see amazing results in just one week only your weight will drop significantly.
Urinary disorders
Presence of high potassium in orange juice is very effective in removing toxic substances and sediment in the kidneys. And disinfectant properties in this fruit may help cure urinary tract infection and clean up the urine blockage due to deposition of calcium in the urinary tract. Actually there are many more some of the other benefits of lime which will be discussed in upcoming posts. So Lime Benefits in Health is very useful to our health.





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