Holi theme kitty party recipes

Holi is one of the main festival of india. People play holi with great zest and great enthusiasm. But while playing holi, hard colors must be avoided and use of soft colours and organic natural colours should be made in. As it is very difficult to clean and remove hard colours from the skin. For making less side effect of hard colours on your skin, before playing holi, rub mustard oil on face and hands. As this makes removing of the colour from the skin easy. So it is good if people use organic natural colours.
Now the question arise is that how to make natural colours for the coming Holi.

For Red colour use Palash, hibiscus, rose flowers.
For Orange colour use Orange Marigold flowers
For Yellow colour use yellow Marigold flowers, turmeric powder
Green colour use Leaves of Gulmohar, sonmohar

Ladies Kitty party Holi Theme Menu


Kaanji vada paani
Aam panna
Jal jeera

Holi kitty party Snacks

Mix vegetable pakora
Paapri chaat
Kaala chana chaat
Aaloo chaat
Dahi vada
Gol gappa

Main course menu for ladies kitty party

Aaloo poori
Aaloo stuffed Bhatura with masala chana


Maal pooa
Seviyan kheer

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