Health benefits of watermelon, dragon fruit

Watermelon benefits in rejuvenating skin disorders, overcoming urinary tract infections, kidney stones and increase endurance body. Watermelon juice is very useful for the body as it has vitamin C and potassium, provide instant energy. Watermelon is a great source of lycopene i.e. Cancer fighting oxidant.

Dragon FruitsDragon fruit health benefits
Dragon fruits help in lowering blood cholesterol level, control blood glucose sugar levels in diabetes, prevent the formation of cancer cells, Help in improving the body’s metabolism and help in increasing memory.

Dragon fruit health benefits

  1. Improves Your Weight Loss & Figure Management
  2. Prevention of High Blood Pressure & Various Heart Diseases
  3. Great Source of Antioxidants & Good for Detox
  4. Delays Aging of Your Skin Cells
  5. Rich in Immunity Boosting Vitamins & Minerals
  6. Good for Coughs & Asthma
  7. Managing Levels of Your Blood Sugar













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