Fruit Salad for healthy skin

Fresh fruits promote internal health and natural glowing skin. For glowing and wrinkle free skin eat this energy boosting salad. This fruit salad has a lot of antioxidants which protect our skin from sun damage and boost blood circulation. This salad is very healthy and easy to make.

    Healthy Fruit salad platter




1 banana slices
7-8 strawberries
Some grapes
3 tbsp sprout moong
3 tbsp fresh low fat paneer
4-5 orange slices
7-8 watermelon balls
7-8 slices of papaya
2 fresh anjeer or figs in slices
1 kiwi in slices
2 khajoor or dates
Pinch of Salt
1/2 tsp. Jeera or cumin powder
Pinch of Black pepper powder

Sprinkle the cumin seed powder and pepper powder on the moong sprouts and cottage cheese. ArrangeĀ a platter of fruit salad or put in a large bowl and serve.

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