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Vegetables quesadilla recipe 0

Vegetable Quesadillas Recipe

Veggies filled Quesadilla with healthy salad Ingredients 1 can of black beans 1 bowl can corn 1/2 cup beans 6-large flour tortillas 1/2 cup salsa, drained 1/2 cup cut all colour peppers 1 1/2...

Healthy fruit salad recipe 0

Fruit Salad for healthy skin

Fresh fruits promote internal health and natural glowing skin. For glowing and wrinkle free skin eat this energy boosting salad. This fruit salad has a lot of antioxidants which protect our skin from sun...

Nutritious pasta recipe 1

Whole Wheat Pasta Recipe

Whole Wheat Pasta Recipe Ingredients 1 cup whole wheat flour 1 cup flour 1/2 tsp. salt 3 beaten eggs 2-3 cup of water Pepper Method In a large bowl, mix the flours and salt....