Baby Skin Care during Winters

Baby Skin Care during winters
It looks as if baby skin care is very difficult but it is not so. Here are Some Important things that must be kept under control for protecting baby skin from harsh winter season:-

1. Baby skin is 8times more sensitive as compared to an adult’s, so it is very much important to take extra care during winters.

2. Put breathable layers f clothes on baby for allowing proper ventilation. As cotton clothes are sweat absorbent, it is preferable to dress your baby in these first, followed by other warm fabrics like wool.

3. Ensure that the bath water is not too hot as hot water strips off the oily layer from the body making it chirpy and dry.

4. Use mild baby products as baby’s skin is 8 times more sensitive than an adult.

5. After giving mild hot bath, pat your baby dry with a soft towel and moisturize thoroughly.
6. Add few drops of olive oil or almond oil in the bathwater.

7. Regular baby massage improves the blood circulation and keeps the baby’s body warm. Regular massaging protects and softens the skin.

8. Moisturise baby’s skin every 5 to 6 hours during the winter season. As it help in keeping baby’s skin soft and supple.

9. Cover baby’s ears, to avoid cold and cough problems. Always keep extra mittens and booties along with baby’s clothes when you go out in case of wetting or losing outside.

10. Aloe Vera has an important place in Ayurveda. It acts as an antibacterial agent. As it is helpful in treating wounds, burns, dermatitis, and other skin ailments, soothes and moisturizes skin.

With these little preventive steps your baby will have a very comfortable and enjoyable winters.

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